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Industry Solutions

Tailored Fleet, OEM and Dealer Transport Solutions

A Comprehensive Transport Program For Dealers, Fleet Managers & OEMs

With facilities and relationships throughout Australia, Carways offers practical solutions to the unique challenges faced by Dealerships.

At Carways, we deliver on the quality demanded by your customers and, with a modern fleet of trucks and trailers, we can arrange the complete door-to-door transport between vehicle dealerships and customers anywhere in Australia.

Carways proudly provides profitable Vehicle Transport for the Automotive industry and dealerships.

Often towards the end of the year there is a flurry of activity and you don’t have time to spare. Slotting into an auto transport company’s schedule just doesn’t work.

We acknowledge that Dealers have seasonal needs and may need a lot of cars moved in a short period of time.

These are just some of the unique challenges we solve to make the car transport experience seamless for our Dealership partners with door-to-door transport offerings to our end-customers nationally.

We provide our customers with the fastest and most convenient vehicle transport solutions.

Dealer Trades

Timely shipping is essential for closing sales, so we focus on fast turnaround on all pick-ups and deliveries.

Vehicle Auction Transport

Need the quick delivery of truckloads of cars? Leave the logistics for these shipments to us.

Interstate Buyers

Timely delivery for a newly-purchased vehicle direct to your customer. Satisfied customers give great referrals.

Helping You Manage Dealership Inventory

For dealerships that need dealer-to-dealer vehicle transport, help is available from Carways.

Managing inventory is one of the most important tasks any dealer must be able to do and moving vehicles to and from various locations safely and quickly requires a degree of logistical skill that exceeds that of the typical dealership.

Our comprehensive dealer transport services help by transporting cars for dealerships easily, securely and affordably.

No matter the reason to move inventory between locations, Carways has the dealership transport services to help.

Providing our customers with the fastest and most convenient vehicle transport solutions is our mission.

Let us help. It’s our job and our expertise. Join the Carways team.

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Event Logistics

Our long-term experience in vehicle transport and logistics solutions lets us  offer you customised event solutions, that perfectly matches your needs.

The types of events supported:

  • international fairs and trade shows
  • product launches, press events
  • rallies and sports competitions
  • film, advertising and photo shoots, concerts …

New Vehicle Launches

Our range of care and maintenance services can be handled while vehicles are in-storage or in-transit, preventing unnecessary delays, reducing any downtime and, ultimately, delivering valuable time and cost savings to your business.

Whether you have basic preventative and preservation maintenance needs, or require numerous fleet maintenance services, we have you covered.

When we oversee your fleet vehicle maintenance solutions, you’ll get to choose service through our preferred vendor network – or select a vendor of your own choosing.

From pickup through to final delivery, your vehicles will be well cared for, receiving all the care, maintenance and repair services they need to be fully ready-to-drive upon delivery.

Carways offers a comprehensive range of vehicle logistics solutions for OEMs, dealers and fleet management companies.

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