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Solutions for New Vehicle Launches & Special Events

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Solutions for New Vehicle Launches & Special Events

Our range of care and maintenance services can be handled while vehicles are in-storage or in-transit, preventing unnecessary delays, reducing any downtime and, ultimately, delivering valuable time and cost savings to your business. 

Whether you have basic preventative and preservation maintenance needs, or require numerous fleet maintenance services, we have you covered.

When we oversee your fleet vehicle maintenance solutions, you’ll get to choose service through our preferred vendor network – or select a vendor of your own choosing.

From pickup through to final delivery, your vehicles will be well cared for, receiving all the care, maintenance and repair services they need to be fully ready-to-drive upon delivery.

Carways offers a comprehensive range of vehicle logistics solutions for OEMs, dealers and fleet management companies.

Daily & Weekly Truck and Driver Hire

Many businesses require regular transportation of goods to keep their business operational and the automotive industry is no exception.

For more than 40 years, Carways has recognised the importance of providing a high quality and reliable permanent run delivery service from a transport company.

We also understand that this service must also be more economical than having your own in-house transport.

So, we individually design our permanent run service with you to ensure you receive superior outsource delivery services at a sustainable cost.

We can set up small or large permanent runs with daily or weekly frequencies. If needed, we can also operate 24/7.

Our priority is the service we provide to you and to network.

We take extra time to discuss all the details of your job requirements carefully, so we understand exactly how you want services provided to your clients and, can even make sure you have the same driver each time.

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Vehicle Storage

Need a place to store vehicles until they’re required at their final destination?​

Whether you have an unassigned inventory of fleet vehicles that need long-term storage solutions or need a temporary spot to condition and deploy inventory to new vehicle owner, Carways has the extra space you need.

From the moment your vehicle enters our storage facility until the day you roll it back into service, our team ensures vehicles are accessible, well cared for and in top running condition.

Our vehicle storage solutions are perfect for both short and long term vehicle storage.

Starting from $5.00 per day plus GST.

Event Logistics

Our long-term experience in vehicle transport and logistics solutions lets us  offer you customised event solutions, that perfectly matches your needs.

The types of events supported:

  • international fairs and trade shows
  • product launches, press events
  • rallies and sports competitions
  • film, advertising and photo shoots, concerts …

Enclosed Service