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Safe, Secure Vehicle Storage

A Safe Place to Store Vehicles until You're Ready for Delivery

We provide a range of care and maintenance services while vehicles are in storage or in transit, preventing unnecessary delays, reducing any downtime and, ultimately, delivering valuable time and cost savings to your business. 

Whether you have basic preventative and preservation maintenance needs, or require more extensive fleet maintenance services, we have you covered.

When you combine storage with our fleet vehicle maintenance solutions, you’ll get to choose services through our preferred vendor network – or select a vendor of your own choosing.

From pickup through to final delivery, your vehicles will be well cared for, receiving all the care, maintenance and repair services they need to be fully ready-to-drive upon delivery.

Need a place to store assets until they make it to their final destination?​

Whether you have an unassigned inventory of fleet vehicles that need long-term storage solutions or need a temporary spot to condition and deploy inventory to new vehicle owner, Carways has the extra space you need.

From the moment your vehicle enters our storage facility until the day you roll it back into service, our team ensures vehicles are accessible, well cared for and in top running condition.

We Have The Extra Space You Need

We partner with fleets, fleet management companies, OEMs, dealers, rental car companies and automotive auctions to help them deploy or reposition their vehicles into more viable markets, utilizing our well-positioned and secure storage facilities along the way.

No matter the type of storage need, the location or the number of vehicles – we have the space.

Our vehicle storage solutions are perfect for both short and long term vehicle storage.

Whether you’re storing your car in another state or need to store because you’ve run out of room at home, we have the storage solution to suit.

Contact us for more information.

Starting from $5.00 per day (+GST)

Reliable Asset Protection

The security of your vehicles is our top priority, which is why all our storage locations are highly secure and staffed by dedicated and well-trained service managers. We guarantee that all vehicles are monitored by high-security systems while in storage, and all our facilities are paved, well-lit and fully fenced-in.

Wide Geographic Coverage

Because we know not every delivery is a straightforward point A to point B delivery – and many times, you need a place to store your assets until they’re ready for their very final destination – our teams will work with you to come up with a vehicle transport-and-storage plan that works best for your business goals.

Care & Preservation Service

We offer in-storage vehicle maintenance and service, including detailing, oil changes, windshield and mechanical repairs, body work and more. These services are available through our network of our preferred providers, or through a vendor or your choosing, so your vehicle is ready-to-drive immediately upon delivery.